The board and committee of Govan Docks Regeneration Trust welcome the announcement that Glasgow City Council has been awarded £2.4M from the Scottish Government Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme for Govan Graving Docks.

We are delighted that this will enable the first steps in restoring the graving dock site and pave the way for the site to pass into community ownership.

We are preparing to hold a seminar soon to share research from our extensive network and broad ideas about the future of the docks. This will involve presentations about the work of artists, academic researchers and grass roots individuals and organisations, who have looked at the docks over the past decade, as well as a series of discussion groups. Community stakeholders will be invited to attend as well as experts from a range of public and conservation bodies to help inform the discussions.

We look forward to hearing more soon about the nature and detail of the works that the council aim to fund with this investment.

To register for more information about our upcoming seminar, please contact or follow us on twitter @GovanDocks

7 Thoughts to “Govan Graving Docks Funding Announcement”

  1. can you tell me who this land belongs to as in who are the people that are doing the work and who are the owners and what part the regeneration trust plays in this land

    1. New Coty Vision now have the contractual lease for redevelopment along with the initial funding to start the renovation and prep work for there city vision plan which is available on their website

      1. That’s interesting information, may I ask where I can find information about the contractual lease, and how and when the funding was granted?

  2. I would also like to know the above…

  3. Quoted from comments on the GDRT facebook page:

    “Most of it is or was owned by “New City Vision’ a Ltd company set up to redevelop it Catherine. They have had a few planning consents knocked back as they were not in keeping with the historic grade A listing of two of the dry docks on the site.”

  4. Why did you shut for now 😕

    1. We can only speculate why the owners have shut the gates, we haven’t been informed about the reason. It is a shame though, I always enjoyed walking around.

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